"What if we just threw mini-nukes down the hallway?"


Wilhelm T. Herschel is around 5'7-5'8 with a fairly imposing stature due to the training regime within the BoS. He has short-ish blonde hair and blue eyes, making him a part of the Aryan master race. Wilhelm usually wears Power Armor around the Bunker, although he wears a white jumpsuit and pilots jacket occasionally.


Wilhelm T. Herschel is a charismatic character around his friends within the Brotherhood. He tends to keep to himself when he's outside of the bunker on assignment, wether it be spying or supply runs. He's fairly loud and outspoken, not having a filter on anything he says makes him run into conflict quicker than most.

Early Life

Wilhelm's early life consisted of the standard training any brotherhood member would have, training, sleep, and lessons. Wilhelms mother was a scribe and his father a paladin and soon after they had wilhelm, his father retired so he wouldn't have died in combat. Wilhelms parents were around him a lot keeping his ideals similar to theirs in terms of knowledge. His childhood with the BoS standard lessons and training also consisted of whatever his parents had in store for him to learn aswell, making him a prime canidate for the BoS.


While still new to Adulthood at the age of 23, Wilhelm has already been involved in several important operations within the Niagara BoS. At the age of 21 Wilhelm was re-assigned to the Niagara chapter of the BoS and is probably one of its newer members. Despite being one of its newer members Wilhelm never felt awkward around his new companions and was fairly outspoken around them. After a couple of months in the Niagara chapter he met Senior Scribe Macklellan, and they hit it off fairly well, eventually a relationship was started and continues even to the current year. Wilhelm is currently on assignment within the NDF, spying on them along with Macklellan to learn anything to help in the war.

Memorable Quotes

"Well what if we just threw mini-nukes down the hallway?"

"What if we didn't put the vertiberd out in the open where anyone could shoot at it?"