Walsh Island
Type Village
Location Washington
Inhabitants Enclave (Previously)
Walsh Island was home to a small fishing village, North of Trident Naval Base.


After the Great War, Walsh Island sat largely untouched on the water, its long out of commission lighthouse towering above. After their defeat at Lakewood, and the death of their commanding officer, Walsh Island became home to the few remaining Enclave troops in the region, under a new leader.

The remnants on Walsh Island were very careful, and far more secretive than the first group. Though small in numbers, they carried out several large operations, including the bombings in Lakewood, and infiltration of the Brotherhood of Steel.

In the later months of 2289, Walsh Island was discovered by some of the residents of the recently founded Fresh Start. After searching the town, they found a fallout shelter in the basement of the lighthouse, in which the Remnants had been hiding out, though seemingly abandoned now.

Six people were in the party exploring Walsh Island. Of those, two remained aboveground. The others, who had been exploring the bunker, were startled by the main computer turning on. They were faced with the Remnant's Captain, who revealed one of their number to be an Enclave soldier. After taunting them, she activated explosive charges planted in the bunker, which exploded. Two of the three died, the third miraculously survived, and was treated by the others aboveground.

Walsh Island has since been abandoned.