Susan is a middling-height woman. She's got wavy, honey colored hair, and brown eyes. She has a fairly light complexion. She wears a lab coat, which must have been white at some point, long since stained by dust and blood, from the wasteland and various patients, respectively.


She's a rather kind individual, or as close to one as you're like to find in the Wasteland. She's almost always willing to help out, though some might notice a faint, underlying loathing when in the presence of Ghouls, or other such mutants.

Early Life

Not much is known about Henderson before she showed up in New York. It is known that she came from Ohio, however.


Henderson was one of the founding members of Overpass, in 2273. Since then, she ran a clinic in town, until sometime in late 2277, when she packed up and left with little explanation. It is fairly common knowledge however, that she moved to Niagara.