The Stonewall Republic is a highly militarized pseudo-Democratic city-state located in and around Ironville.


The Stonewall Republic was founded sometime in the late 2240s, by a group of slavers from the South. The basic idea was one shared by many other groups in the wastes: To create a governing body to give some semblance of structure to the wasteland. For the most part, this worked. The Stonewall Republic had a strong influence in Ohio, and controlled much of the southern half of the state.

Slavery was one of the strong principals of the Stonewall Republic. They looked kindly upon the practice, and in fact, the state itself practiced it. Groups of state slaves labored in large plantations, providing food for the rest of the Republic.

For the most part, other groups tended to leave them alone. However, they did have some interactions with a few major groups in the area. For many years they traded with the nearby Summit Trading Company; mostly food for other basic items, though occasionally, a few slaves were exchanged between the two.

Though the Enclave mostly kept out of their affairs, they sent several spies to the Republic, in order to keep an eye on them, despite them not really being seen as much of a threat. For several years, they worked under the nose of the local government. By June of 2274, all but one of them had been publicly hanged for suspected treason, though their true identity was never discovered. By this time, the Enclave no longer had a presence in the area, and the rest of the spies were lost, and lived out their days in the Republic.