Richard Cauldwin was a Colonel in the Enclave military in 2289.


Cauldwin is a man with a somewhat tall stature, though not an imposing figure to shorter people, due to his lanky form. Upon his pointed chin, and along his cheeks runs a trimmed beard. He has a pale complexion, grey eyes, and brown hair, which he keeps combed back. He wears the thick tan overcoat of a higher ranking Enclave officer, and has a pair of glasses perched upon his nose.


His personality seems to change greatly depending on his company. Around his men, and those he trusts, he is a kind soul, though maybe a little disconnected. Among others, he is more stern, often displaying little emotion in order to keep his stratagems under wraps.

Early Life

Cauldwin was born at Navarro, California in 2240. At two years old, his parents moved him East, with other now displaced Enclave forces. He grew up under the watchful eye of soldiers, learning to fight, and having his head filled with the teachings of the Enclave. As soon as he came of age, he was drafted into the Enclave military.


Becoming a soldier in the Enclave was never an option. It was a responsibility, given to him as soon as he opened his eyes for the first time.

Richard's early career was spent as a shocktrooper in Chicago. For the most part, it was quiet. Sometime in 2266, he and a number of others were sent West, to establish an Enclave foothold in Washington.

For twenty three years, he worked at the Rainier Mountain Complex in Washington, east of Seattle. During this time, he slowly rose through the ranks, eventually finding himself in command of the regiment, after the previous commander died of stomach cancer in 2276.

As a base commander, he was a fairly lenient man. Because they were so far from the rest of the Enclave, his regiment differed from most Enclave outposts in a few ways. They interacted with the outside world more, even recruiting soldiers from the native population on a few very rare occasions.


In 2289, Cauldwin sent an envoy to Lakewood, in order to recruit from the townsfolk to replenish the diminishing ranks. Following a misunderstanding, the envoy threatened the town, and returned to base. The townsfolk raided an Enclave-held vault, slaughtering several soldiers in the process. In retaliation, Cauldwin led an assault on the town, resulting in the deaths of several townsfolk, with no Enclave casualties. As they were rouding up their prisoners and preparing to leave, a squad of Brotherhood Knights ambushed them, along with several representatives of the Emerald Trading Company. Most of the Enclave soldiers either ran, or were killed. Cauldwin was captured by the Brotherhood forces, and taken to Trident Naval Base for questioning, where he was later executed by the Brotherhood Elder via shotgun to the face.