Overpass Incident
Vital statistics
Participants Brotherhood of Steel, Niagara Republic, James Wilde, Markus Laurel
Date August 12, 2277
Location Overpass, New York

The Overpass Incident was officially regarded as the beginning of the War between the Brotherhood and the Niagara Republic.

The Incident began with a Niagara Republic expedition to the town, in order to clear out the raiders, and attempt to take control. While they were snooping around, voices began to play on the radio, announcing the return of two of Overpass' long-gone founding members. However, they were unrecognized, and their messages were construed as threats. They soon showed up, wearing full sets of T-51b Power Armor, and armed with Plasma weaponry.

Feeling overwhelmed, the Niagara troops, aware of the Brotherhood's tech hoarding ways, contacted them on the radio, and told them about the two Power Armor users with advanced weaponry. They quickly showed up in their Vertibird, and the search began.

For hours, the two factions swept the town, searching for the two mysterious men only identified to them as "Digits", and "Bulkhead". However, they could not locate them. As search results were fruitless, the two groups began bickering with one another. It became more heated, and several shots were fired. Not long afterward, the Brotherhood units captured the NDF field commander, and another officer, imprisoning them within their bunker.

Over radio channels, Brotherhood General Holland, and Niagara President Greene negotiated for the lives of the Niagara soldiers. Greene refused to compromise, and the two soldiers were executed over the radio.