Niagara International Airport
Type Airport
Location New York
Inhabitants Brotherhood of Steel
The Niagara International Airport is an airport located to the East of Niagara.


Starting sometime in the early 2200s, the Niagara International Airport was claimed by raider gang after raider gang, and fought over for several years.

Around 2210, a Brotherhood recon force from Kansas arrived in the area, in search of advanced technology. They stumbled across the airport in their vertibirds; which they had captured from the Enclave some years earlier, around Chicago; and, after killing the puny little raiders that dared call it home, took it for themselves. It was a highly defensible position, and lent itself well to the Brotherhood's fortifications.

Since then, the airport has been home to all Brotherhood forces in the area, though they keep mostly to themselves, unless someone flaunts technology that they want. As such, none of the other groups in the region have gained such things as energy weapons or power armor, for fear of a Brotherhood raid.