Type City
Location New York
Inhabitants Niagara Republic, NDF
Niagara was a city in New York before the Great War.


Niagara was quiet after the War. Those who survived did so in the safety of Vault 96, a control vault within the city. When it first opened in 2200, the residents began to reestablish civilization within the city.

For a long time, the ex-vault dwellers kept to themselves. This was a new world for them, and the dangers of the outside were not welcome. Those that came too close were turned away, or shot if they would not comply. The Overseer ruled over the men and women of Niagara, keeping them safe and fed for a time.

When he died, his young son took his place as Overseer of the population. He was, however, incompetent. Because of the mismanagement of resources, and a slew of short-sighted policies, unrest grew. He was overthrown in a military coup, organized by the security force that had once served Vault 96. In his place, they put a young tribal who had infiltrated the Niagara people, and sowed the spark of revolution.

Under the reign of its new President, the town opened its doors to the wasteland. However, the influx of new people has come a danger. Crime skyrocketed. Theives and murderers prowled the streets. Nathaniel's response to this epidemic was two-pronged: Various social programs were enacted to help the population grow and advance, boosting their economy and standard of living. To combat those who stole more for profit than survival, the Niagara Defense Force was established. Acting as a combination police force and army, the NDF has done a remarkable job of keeping the citizenry happy and safe. While unable to launch the sort of major offensive favored by the Brotherhood, the NDF are renowned for their defensive garrison, and many a raider band has perished under a hail of gunfire.

As groups like the Brotherhood of Steel expand and raiders continue to roam the roads, The Falls begin to seem more and more like the best-case case scenario to the average wastelander. Though their influence doesn't extend far beyond their walls, behind them lies something as close to a functioning society as the East Coast has seen for centuries.