Markus Laurel was a wastelander in 2278, and one of the founders of Overpass.


Markus is a giant of a man; tall, and muscular. He is a rather imposing form, overall. His face is very boxy, and is creased by thin lines of newly forming wrinkles. If he had hair, rather than a shiny (though leathery) bald dome, his hair would be a lighter shade of black, with touches of grey shining through. This is apparent in his facial hair, however.


He is often quite quiet, and will generally not speak much unless spoken to, especially to those unfamiliar to him. When he does, his speech is gruff, and often composed of short sentences. However, he has been known to show a great deal of compassion, and an understanding of others' plights, though he will oft not act upon them, especially if they conflict with his interests, or those of his allies. Laurel is a very loyal individual, and is quite unlikely to betray those close to him.

Early Life

Laurel's life before he arrived in New York is unknown.


Laurel, along with several others, founded Overpass in 2273 for unknown reasons. Since then, they have disappeared. It is unknown where they went, or why they left.