Lucina is an Operations Lieutenant in the Enclave


Lucina is a woman of above average stature putting her somewhere between 5'6 and 5'7. She has fairly short black hair which she keeps combed off to the right side of her face. Lucina is usually seen with what looks like an Enclave uniform underneath a scrap cloth overcoat, keeping it mostly hidden from view.


During the 2 years Lucina was on active service at Adams Air Force Base, he seemed to be coming out of her shell and seemed to be outgoing after she met another operations officer Seward, who showed patriotism and has already contributed to the defeat of communism. She often shows little to no remorse and may have psychotic tendencies but if she does, none have been shown through her active years of service. She seems to be cleared for service with low marks in Social Skills, but all current evaluations pass her for the Exam.

Early Life

January 1st, 2263 - Lucina entered military service after enlisting in the year 2263 at the age of 13, she was kept in basic for about a 3 years until she was 16 before she moved onto more advanced classes, she particularly excelled in the field of Off base communication for enclave garrisons tasked to the Eastern Seaboard.

May 6th, 2267 - Lucina seemed to be working more on her operations studies than anything else so after a while high command decided to send her to Adams Air Force Base in the year 2267 on May 6th under the command of Major Pierce, it is there she met Seward Gaynes another Operations officer and they often talked of Operations and logistics and sometime around here was when Seward was transferred and Lucina grew bored of Operations and was eventually transferred out of Adams Air Force Base back to the Bunker at Raven Rock.


July 15th, 2270 - Lucina has finished her Psych evaluation and is cleared and ready for active duty, Command has decided to Keep her at Raven Rock up until OPERATION:PURITY is commenced and underway.

Unknown Date, 2276 - All contact has ceased with Lucina and her Unit, all are to be made MIA until proven to be killed or worse.

Memorable Quotes

"You get a kick out of this don't you Chambers?" - March 5th, 2277

"Oh shit, well that ain't good." - Unknown Date, 2276