Leslie Chambers was a Brotherhood Paladin in 2278.


Leslie is a pale-skinned woman of about 5"6. She has black hair, generally kept up, and dark blue eyes. Thanks to a close call with some Raiders, she sports a long scar on her right cheek.


Chambers' personality can rapidly change, depending on who she is dealing with. Friends and allies, such as other members of the Brotherhood of Steel, she is generally rather courteous, though she is one of those who rather dislikes those recruited from the wasteland. To wastelanders, however, she is, as some might describe her, a "sadistic fuck".

She is loud, and often voices her opinions as such. However, when it comes to outsiders, she often lets her fists and boots do the talking instead. When she does speak to them, she is very foulmouthed. Almost no sentence leaves her mouth untainted by obscenities.

When off-duty, she often mills around in the hangar, doing maintenance on the Brotherhood's Vertibird, or hangs around the barracks.

Early Life