Lakewood Massacre
Vital statistics
Participants Colonel Richard Cauldwin, Father Abraham Sokolov, John Davis, Fruul, Jared Moore, Sara Austel, John Baker, Ben Daniels
Date April 4, 2289
Location Lakewood, Washington
On March 28, 2289, an Enclave envoy by the name of John Davis arrived in Lakewood, along with an armed escort. Several townspeople met him just outside the town, near an old gas station. To the people of Lakewood, this looked like a threat.

After he'd left, a party of Lakewood citizens found themselves in Vault 53, which had recently been taken under Enclave control. They proceeded to slaughter the soldiers stationed in the Vault, and ransack it.

In retaliation, Enclave troops attacked Lakewood on April 4, 2289. A small assault team, led by the Colonel himself, struck at first light. During the attack, several citizens of Lakewood were killed. Father Abraham Sokolov of the Followers of the Apocalypse was captured by Enclave troops, and to be taken in for questioning.

Just as the battle was wrapping up, and the Enclave was preparing to pull out of the village, a Brotherhood strike team arrived on the scene, initially overpowering the Enclave troops with surprise attacks. At this point, several Enclave soldiers fled. The Colonel was captured by the Brotherhood elder, and the battle was over.