Type Village
Location Washington
Inhabitants Wastelanders (Previously), Brotherhood of Steel (Previously), New California Republic (Previously)
Lakewood is a small town just south of Tacoma.


Lakewood is a small township built up in the ruins of a pre-war town of the same name. It was inhabited by many wastelanders, and was regarded as a fairly friendly community.

In 2289, an Enclave envoy arrived in Lakewood with an armed escort. The people of Lakewood took his presence as a threat, and drove him off. Later, several Lakewood residents explored a Vault to the East of Seattle, which they hadn't realised was under Enclave countrol, and were attacked by the soldiers inside. They killed the soldiers, and ransacked the Vault, and returned to the town. Trouble followed, however. An Enclave task force, led by Colonel Richard Cauldwin, attacked the city, several days later. Only a few people were killed before the Brotherhood of Steel swooped in, driving off the Enclave forces, and capturing the Colonel.

After the assault, the Brotherhood claimed control over Lakewood. They were highly oppressive, and greatly pissed off the residents. Under their control, several bombings shook the town, carried out by undercover Enclave remnants. Played off as the work of the New California Republic, who had recently expanded into Washington the townsfolk became quite angry with the Brotherhood for dragging them into the NCR's affairs, and unsuccessfully tried to force out the Brotherhood, who slaughtered a number of Lakewood's residents.

As time went on, people began leaving the town. By 2292, it was abandoned completely.