"Nice Tits, by the way" - To Eve, following his escape the strip club closet with Clover and Overlord Priest Dominicus.

James Wilde was a wastelander in 2278, and one of the founders of Overpass.


James is a slim figure, and a rather short man. His face is angular, ending in a short little goatee-ish beard, which remains well groomed. His hair is brown, which he keeps swept to the side. Over his deep blue eyes, he wears a pair of glasses.


James is rather outgoing, and enjoys joking among others, and poking fun. However, when he is intent on something, he grows very quiet, and is like to snap at those who try to prod him too much.

Early Life

Not much is known about Wilde before he showed up in New York. However, he has mentioned several times that he was originally from Illinois.


Wilde, along with several others, founded Overpass in 2273 for unknown reasons. Since then, they have disappeared. It is unknown where they went, or why they left.