Grandyle Village
Type Town
Location New York
Inhabitants Slavers, Raiders
Grandyle Village is a small town on the South-East side of Grand Island.


For a time, Grandyle Village sat empty; its buildings crumbling. Several attempts to establish a town there have been made, though most moved on after a while. Eventually, a more stable group settled there; a group from the Niagara Republic, unhappy with their ways. For several years, they sat in peace, building up a friendly community; it didn't last long. A band of slavers from the South arrived sometime in the early 2270s, and set up shop nearby, preying on the citizens of the town. Unable to defend themselves, they eventually all either died off or moved away.

Partially because of the boglike quality of the surrounding area, and partially because of the easily fortified nature of the town, the slavers have found themselves a nice home here. Ever since, they've been haunting the town.