Type City
Location Pennyslvania
Inhabitants Crimson Dawn Company, Blood Fang Mercantile Guild, Underworld Traders, Erie Caravan Company
Erie is a Pre-War city on the edge of Lake Erie, in Pennsylvania. The Erie Caravan Company has an office in Overpass.


Erie is a large city along the shore of Lake Erie. The city is a rough place, and is home to ruffians and scum of all sorts. It is also home to a huge trade industry, and trades with caravans from all over. You can find pretty much anything you're looking for in the large bazaars dotted around the city, and if not, odds are you can in the black market down in the sewers below. The city itself is a large place, bustling with people, and is said to be a good place to go if you don't want to be found.

Erie lacks any official government, but if you ask anyone, they'll tell you that it belongs to one of the two competing mercenary companies in the city, the Crimson Dawn Company, and the Blood Fang Mercantile Guild. Though a far cry from real government, they mostly keep the people in line, though only when they're not bickering with each other over portions of the city. Nobody's entirely sure where the companies came from or how they came to be in power, but they don't question it.