Enclave Radio is a radio station run by the Enclave, that broadcasts throughout the Wasteland, most notably in the Capital Wasteland.

Capital Wasteland

In the Capital Wasteland, Enclave Radio consisted mostly of patriotic songs, as well as President John Henry Eden's "chats", and occasionally, news relating to the Enclave, or to the Capital Wasteland.

Eyebots were deployed to broadcast the station to the public. They were often the victims of vandalism, or simply used as target practice by wasteland vagabonds, such as raiders, or even just random Wastelanders.

Though primarily directed towards the Capital Wasteland, this branch of Enclave Radio could be heard all along the East coat, relayed via a series of old radio relay stations. Sometimes it could be heard as far away as New York, or the Carolinas.

Niagara Region

The area around Niagara Falls used to be able to tune in to Enclave Radio. However, for an unknown reason, the broadcasts have ceased here for years. Occasionally, if you're lucky, you may be able to pick up a faint signal, however, those times are few and far between. Largely, Enclave Radio has been forgotten in Niagara, and deemed irrelevant.

Seattle Region

In Seattle, Enclave Radio was something completely different from the East Coast variety. Due to this chapter of the Enclave's distance from the rest of them, the local radio station's content was largely comprised of patriotic music, and news updates. For the most part, these were heavily doctored, and were rarely accurate. Before he was killed at Lakewood, and the local Enclave forces dissolved, Colonel Richard Cauldwin would broadcast the news. However, since then, the airwaves have been silent.