Control station PROVIDENCE

Station Location - Providence, RHODE ISLAND

Commanding Officer - No Information Available

Operating Status - OFFLINE

Control station PROVIDENCE - Mission Details

An out of the way Instillation used to monitor activity on the illusive “Institute”. It’s original purpose was a simple supply station between Raven Rock and Boston based units. Now it’s used to monitor the institute and one of the few bases left on the eastern seaboard.

Important Dates of Mission

January 1st, 2270 - Enclave unit CSP-1 sent out to activate and keep the online activity of Control Station PROVIDENCE.

December 6th, 2275 - A small unit of enclave pass through Control Station PROVIDENCE on their way into the boston area, all contact is lost and Lieutenant of Operations Lukas T. Stein is confirmed M.I.A

November 30th, 2277 - Project purity is taken over by the brotherhood and Raven Rock is lost as well as in the span of 2 weeks Adams AFB, limiting the enclaves control of the capital wasteland.

February 1st, 2278 - Due to complications from defeat at Project purity, CSP-1 is recalled from Control Station, PROVIDENCE back to the Chicago area for reasons currently undocumented, most likely to regroup.