"I woulda chopt you in half wit' my axe by now, but I don' feel like it." - To Alice when meeting her for the first time.


He can easily be recognized as some sort of dangerous person that should be avoided by the suspicious looking welding mask that seems to have dried blood striped down it. What makes him a interesting person that would catch the eye of most people is that he wears a vault suit that is armored and a pip-boy on his wrist He stands at 6'2 feet and is well built making him a intimidating looking fellow. Without his welding mask he has messy dark brown hair that's shaved at the sides and tired brownish-green eyes with a rugged beard hugging his face and pale looking skin.


Chopper is a man who does what he pleases when and how he wants. He can just like any other raider-type fellow out in the wastes and can be a decent guy when he feels like it. Though when it seems like he can already see the outcome of something he'll usually back out even Psycho won't stop him from backing out at times. Just like any raider, he's a sadist and loves to strike down pain and suffering on his foes with his barbed fire axe. He's quite the clever guy, but can be a little too open to people usually if it's a lady he's interested in. When on Psycho he's a bigger force than without to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing when under the influence of that drug.

Early Life

Not much is known about Chopper's childhood other than he might have emerged from a vault somewhere in Iowa some 8 or 9 years ago or stumbled upon some unlucky Vault Dweller and stole their jumpsuit and pipboy. The only people who know about Chopper's childhood would be his close friend Clover and the group of raiders who traveled with him to Niagara.


Chopper now is a accomplished raider who alongside his friend Clover and a group of raiders have arrived in Niagara finding themselves in Overpass separated due a mishap happening along the way. Luckily Clover and Chopper have reunited and now are holed up in a abandoned arena in Overpass.