The Canadian Ice Gangs are the Canadian equivalent of America's Raiders. Typically, they dress in pre-war hockey gear, though some Ice Gangs vary.

Notable Gangs

The Toronto Tornadoes -

A hockey-themed Ice Gang, the Toronto Tornadoes are based out of the outlying areas of Toronto, as their name suggests. They are one of the larger Ice Gangs in Ontario, boasting somewhere around a hundred members. As such, travelers between Canadian towns, or merchants from the Ontarian Liberation Army are often harassed by them on the roads and paths through the wasteland.

The Jacks -

The Jacks are a Canadian Ice Gang whose home is in the dead forests of southern Canada. Often wearing shirts of plaid, these axe-wielding, cannibalistic marauders are an intimidating sight to any wanderers caught alone in the desolate countryside. Though low in number and widely spread, tales of the Jacks have spread through the Canadian wastes, and have somewhat become those of legends.


Sudden-Death Overtime -

Based on a mix of tales of the Ice Gangs of the Great White North, as well as a vague understanding that ice hockey was a thing, Sudden-Death Overtime was a raider gang in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.