Bennett is a fairly tall man, and is more on the thin side. He has a round face, with some pretty thick eyebrows. His hair is short, but dirty and unkempt, and mostly covered with a bandanna. He has some thin stubble, but keeps it under control. There is a wooden peg in place of his left leg, usually covered by his pants and boots.


For the most part, he's quite abrasive. Though he tries to remain professional, he's easily angered, and often butts into conversations. He can also be quite petty. He has a very fragile ego, and any remark could be enough to send him into a rage. He does value loyalty, even if he doesn't display much.

Early Life

Not much is known about his childhood, aside from the fact that he comes from "Ronto", and that he came to New York in his early teens. He claims to have been active in a raider group prior to settling in Niagara, but that's anyone's guess.


As an adult, Bennett had joined and eventually became the leader of the Sewer Rats, also recruiting Daniel; a decision beloved by all. During the events in Overpass, in 2277, he was allied with Wildcard and the Dead Hand.