Battle of Northpoint
Vital statistics
Participants Niagara Republic, Brotherhood of Steel
Date November 3, 2277
Location Northpoint, New York

The Battle of Northpoint was the last major battle that took place in New York, between the Brotherhood of Steel and Niagara Republic during their yearlong war between 2277 and 2278.

Sometime in late October, Niagara troops began infiltrating the town of Northpoint, to the North of the Niagara International Airport. Their goal was to establish a vantage point on the Brotherhood's activities, as well as to create a potential staging ground for a full assault of the airport. However, they were quickly found out, and a counter-assault was mounted on the town by Brotherhood forces.

The battle lasted several hours, largely drawn out by the fact that the town has only one entrance: a very narrow bridge to the South. Niagara troops guarded it carefully, and managed to kill a large number of Brotherhood troops before they finally broke through. Once they did, however, the battle was a bloodbath. Niagara soldiers, as well as most of the residents of the town were massacred, and blood flowed through the streets. Many Brotherhood troops also perished in the fighting, and though they lost far fewer men, their losses were considerably large, considering their small numbers.

By the end of the battle, almost all of the Niagara soldiers had been killed, and though one or two escaped with their lives, it was considered a complete loss. Since the battle, Northpoint has been completely abandoned, save for the occasional caravans that still stop there to make camp.